Product description

MOTSIB (Mobile Telephone Signal Blocking)

The MOTSIB system is not a standard plug & play product since such a product would never be able to offer the desired result. ISDG only deals with custom-made products and project work. The installation of the MOTSIB system is always preceded by a preliminary (prison) site inspection as well as measurements of the spectrum.

In order to comprehend the ISDG project approach, two things have to be taken into account, viz. the blocking range and the blocking conditions.

The blocking range is always approximate because of a few reasons:

  1. The antenna pattern is non linear.
  2. The influence of used building materials/infrastructure: absorption, reflection and attenuation.
  3. The influence of climate changes.
  4. The adaptations of the operators

The blocking conditions :

  1. The internal (prison) perimeter (size, critical points, etc.).
  2. The health rules & regulations in force.
  3. Non discriminatory. All present frequencies/operators have to be blocked.

Because of the formal and legal prohibition on mobile phone blocking, ISDG only participates in projects that have an explicit permission from the competent authorities.

No standard products

In countries where mobile phone blocking is not prohibited, several companies offer standard mobile phone blocking devices. These devices usually have a standard power and a standard antenna. They have a certain reach that is either too far or not far enough.

For security and health reasons standard products are not appropriate.

Moreover, the import of such devices remains prohibited in the entire European Union. The importer, the buyer and the eventual users stand a chance of being seriously sanctioned. Since the devices are illegal there can be no guarantee of a good operation. The quality of the devices is also questionable.

The blocking reach depends on the present radiation level and the type of environment.

The specification of a defined blocking reach is therefore misleading.

In countries without mobile phone blocking prohibition, standard products can be offered under certain conditions. These products are semi-standard because they are equipped with additional settings and devices so that the use of these products in other (prohibiting) countries can be avoided. This is exactly the type of product ISDG offers.